TotalSpace2 Cmd+Tab issue


Working on Os X 10.10.1 with TotalSpace2 last update.

I use TotalSpace a lot but I also like to use Cmd+Tab two switch between my Apps.
It’s been a while since I have this issue and only now start asking support.

I have 2 rows and 2 columns. Apps are assigned to one of the 4 spaces.
If I am on space 1 and trigger Cmd+Tab to switch to an app that is on space 3 it will do nothing. I will just loose focus on my current app (space 1).

I expect the normal behaviour to be:

  • Working on space 1 App
  • Trigger Cmd+Tab and select space 3 App
  • Automatically move from space 1 to space 3 and open/focus the selected app

I have the same problem when simply using the dock icon. Nothing happen when I click an app icon.
It should open the app and move to the corresponding space.

Maybe I missed something.

Please help.

With best regards,



This is probably due to your Mission Control settings. Please go to System Preferences, Mission Control, and tick “When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application”.

Hopefully that will do the trick!


Unfortunately, it’s already what I did!

I really don’t understand.

Hope you can still help me.


I guess I found!

I’m using Onyx and Parameters/Mission Control/Turn on Mission Control was disabled…
I enabled it and guess what. It works like a charm now :wink:

Thank you! Hope it will help someone.


Ah, great, thanks for letting us know!

There is a drawback with turning this setting on that I learned of recently from a Parallels support person. For certain applications (Parallels being one of them), for example, if you close an application in Space1 it will automatically jump to Space3 (to what I believe is the previous active application). There is no current solution for this.

When I had this option enabled here is how I could reproduce the problem 100% of the time:

  1. Switch to the Space that has Parallels in full-screen mode
  2. Start Dictionary application
  3. Quit that application

Upon doing #3 the screen will automatically jump to Parallels screen.

Thank you.