Totalspace2 not working with sip enabled

I downloaded the new version 2.5.4 and went through the process of disabling sip. It would not work. All I would get is a box with a 1 in it. I rebooted again and disabled SIP and I was able to set up my layout that I wanted. I rebooted with the SIP on and all was back to nonfunctioning. Will Totalspaces2 only work with SIP off?
I am running 10.12.5 on a iMac 27 Kaby Lake.

Thanks for the report.

I wonder if the app is not properly installed?

You can check by looking in the folder /System/Library/ScriptingAdditions (use Finder Go->Go to folder)

If the file TotalSpaces.osax is not there then the installation did not go correctly.

If this is the case, I would recommend running the uninstaller from the dmg you downloaded.
Then turn SIP off, and then run the installer. Check TotalSpaces2 works, and you could also check that folder for TotalSpaces.osax. Then if everything looks good, turn SIP off.

I know it takes some time for all the rebooting, sorry about that!