Totalspaces 2.99 not working on macOS 12.0.1

Seems like Totalspaces can’t load on my (Intel) Mac Mini 2012 running macOS 12.0.1 (21A559).

Yes, it’s an unsupported Mac running Monterey.
The issue is that I get a warning that SIP must be disabled for TS to run, guess what, it is disabled, I checked with “csrlutil status”, the output in Terminal is:

Apple Internal: disabled
Kext Signing: disabled
Filesystem Protections: disabled
Debugging Restrictions: enabled
DTrace Restrictions: enabled
NVRAM Protections: enabled
BaseSystem Verification: enabled

I also entered Recovery again to disable it again just in case with “csrlutil disable”.
I get a warning from TS, see screenshot.

Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 16.12.29

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We haven’t added support for Monterey, I’m sorry it won’t work.

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Hi @stephen - are there plans to add Monterey support?

any plan or news?

its also not working for me , I had to delete the app for now and working for me its so hard now

I purchased the software already

I’ll happily pay again. Twice if I have to. Living with spaces animations and without circulation is absolute hell. :sweat_smile:


Well, that cinches it … won’t be updating to monterey… least not on my personal desktop. +1 on this comment … I’d pay again, twice the amount … if I could get support again on my intel. SO VERY HARD to work in Spaces once you’re used to a cube layout.

Same here - I always update my laptop first since it’s not used as much, it’s shiny but you aren’t missing a lot.

Same here. I’ll pay again if total spaces work on Monterey.


@Stephen , looks like quite the fan base. Give the poor people what they want, they will pay. I would pay! lol Please don’t be the sales prevention team :slight_smile:

I’m not upgrading to Monterey unless I’m forced to, and at that point would have to get the M1, just so I can run this software. TotalSpaces and xGestures have been my lifeline for many years!

Seems like some want to pay double for Monterey support, I for one am not with you, why double, you spoil it for others who don’t want to pay twice, just my opinion.

Hi @stephen, just to have an idea, do you work on an update to have Totalspace 3.0x workable on Mac Monterey 12.0.x in the future? or there’s no plan for now ?
Any user/developer who is using Mac intensely deeply depends on your update.

I’m hoping that TotalSpaces 3 might support Monterey on both Intel and Apple silicon. Are there any updates at all to share about Monterey? Whether anything is coming? If nothing ever is, then I’ll update and find another solution. I just don’t want to be stuck in limbo! :sweat_smile:

As others have said, I’d happily pay for an upgrade to TS3 if that comes around. I can see there’s already been a lot of effort put into it to warrant that. I’ve been happily using TS2 for a long time too.


If your no longer going to support total spaces (which I’d be very sad about), then could you consider making it open source?

Came here to say the same - would happily pay again to see this app developed again. I had to abandoned it a year ago and every day I miss it. Came back months later to see if anything had changed or been updated… wish it was. Rumor of TotalSpaces3… any access??

I miss TotalSpaces2 too.

Other issues mention yabai and skhd (e.g. The suffering is continues people need a cure - #6 by Mitch_Neverhood) as possible friends in this matter, and building on these amazing tools I’ve created GitHub - mikkelricky/grid-spaces: Grid.

It’s very simple, but does what I need the most: moving up/down/left/right in a grid and moving the current window up/down/left/right. Feel free to try it out.

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That’s all nice and well…except…most people don’t know how to install this, it’s too geeky for most.

That does not mean your post is worthless, it’s welcome for some, thanks for that.

I’m not sure that it’s the solution most of us are looking for. After all, setting up hot-keys, and a ‘visual’ space selector is easy to do in ‘stock’ macOS. But, the elegance of totalspaces, the ability to drag windows, etc takes things to a next level ?

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TRUE :frowning: Downgrade to Big Sur will be best solution maybe :frowning:

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