TotalSpaces and Full Screen Apps


Hello TotalSpaces,

New user here, just installed TotalSpaces and I’m very excited. I wish I knew about this a long time ago!

So I’ve been dying to assign apps to spaces for a long time. My goal is organization and automation. I’d like to start up my mac and have all the various apps in about 6 or so spaces in full screen all ready to go, currently I have to do this manually every day.

I’ve tried everything and searched the forum and can’t find anyone addressing how to do this?

  1. When I assign an app to a space it seems to open there the first time but when I quit and try it again it loses the assignment.

  2. It seems that when going into full screen macOs adds a new space and this disrupts the grid. This is frustrating because I only started using full screen a couple of years ago after using spaces in Mission Control and they are very complementary feature; for my use they are inseparable. If every time I go into full screen mode on any space that disrupts the order then I’m back to where I started :confused:

  3. I realize it may not be possible to open an app in full screen mode, I’m ok with doing that manually. But is there a way to decouple full screen mode from creating a new space and disrupting the grid and assignment?

Thank you for this awesome app, I’m excited to start using it every day and honestly if I can get it to work I’m willing to pay 5x for it because its that important, your pricing is very good!




Really hoping to get any response here. A simple acknowledgement and ‘No’ answer is fine.



I am not sure about this but i don’t think it is possible with full screen. What you can do is install mySIMBL and the FullscreenER plugin that replace the green button with a windows style full screen and move the full screen option to the top right corner of the app. If the option to the app is saved you should be able to do what you are looking for.



I’ll look into that, thank you for your help!