TotalSpaces and Multiple Screens Not Working in Mojave

With the recent update to Mojave, TotalSpaces is no longer working. Is a fix coming?

Currently, the spaces with a separate monitor no longer works properly. More to the point, all the spaces are gathered on the iMac rather than between the two monitors as before.

I hope an update is coming soon to get Total Spaces up a running soon.


It should work ok except the menu bar icon does not display the correct number on each monitor separately - working on a fix for that.

It sounds a bit like you might have the “Displays have separate spaces” setting in Mission Control preferences set wrongly, but if it’s not that can you explain more exactly the issue?

I had the same problem immediately after updating.
When I attempted to run TotalSpaces2, nothing nappened!
After several tries I decided to download from the website and re-install.


One small problem …
when I have a window open, and I click the key sequence to change to another workspace, the workspace changes, but the app I am in stays with me! It’s almost like it doesn’t have multiple workspaces now, just backgrounds!

FYI - 2018-10-03 - rAllcorn (Rich Allcorn)

Thanks you Rich! Re-installing worked like a charm, I’m back up with Total Spaces!

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