TotalSpaces Change Space by Swipe Not Working After Waking Up from Sleep / Hibernate?

Consistently* after I wake my laptop from hibernation, TotalSpaces2’s swipe to change space won’t work. I’ll swipe up or to the side and nothing will happen. I can still change desktops in all other ways, but the swiping is broken until I quit and relaunch TotalSpaces

Versions: TotalSpaces2 2.9.9, on MacOS Mojave (10.14.6), with 10 desktops arranged as a 5x2 grid

Edit: If anyone has seen this bug or has any information about it or how to fix it, I could use some help troubleshooting it!

*Edit 2: Consistently, but not always! It’s an intermittent bug, which is strange

My experience for Retina 13 i7 10.14.6, is that 2.8.12 or 2.8.16 was most stable. None of the 2.9.x was able to provide the stability and features of the previous TS2.
Obviously, your mileage may vary, but the latest may not be the greatest for your previous.
My guess is that its tough to adapt to all new OS and changes Apple has made.
The 32bit and 64bit changes for 10.14 and 10.15 might have been a big enough deal too, that’s why I stayed with 10.14 until I got my M1 recently. My daughter’s Air came with 10.15 so that machine had to go with TS3, so I saw enough of what was going on there to take the plunge to M1 recently.

Thanks, I’ll try downgrading. Do you have a link to 2.8.12 or 2.8.16? The downloads page for old versions isn’t that granular; the closest options are 2.8.6/5 or 2.7.12