Totalspaces change to the wrong screen

I have noticed that when I change apps or screens, TotalSpaces will often switch to the wrong screen, and it always goes to the same screen.

It usually switches to the correct screen, then switches to the wrong one a split second later.

I have 1 desktop and 10 full screen apps in 5 spaces (that is, 2 apps per full screen space).

If it matters, I am running Catalina (10.15.7), but I know this issue predates Catalina – I’m just finally sick of it to the point of asking/posting about it.

If it matters, I run Karabiner-Elements to reconfigure the right-side alt/option key to a control key, so that I can use 1 hand to cycle between spaces, with ctrl-arrow. However, even with Karabiner Elements not running, I see this issue.

It doesn’t matter whether I cmd-tab, use arrow keys to cycle to a different app/screen, or click on an app in the Dock – TotalSpaces almost always takes me to the top middle screen (the one to the right of my desktop, as shown in this screenshot:

If I hit the issue while using ctrl-arrow, it goes away after the first time, meaning: the first press of ctrl-arrow goes to the top-middle screen, then I can almost always correctly navigate using ctrl-arrow.

If I hit the issue with cmd-tab, no amount of cmd-tab will ever start working: I have to change apps another way. Instead, what happens is that TotalSpaces always takes me to the correct app (based on the cmd-tab selection) and then a split second later always takes me to the top-middle screen.

Sometimes the issue will temporarily disappear if I restart TotalSpaces, but quite often it comes right back.

Another example of what happens: If I click a link in an email, Safari launches to open the link, then the screen changes to that top-middle screen. cmd-tab doesn’t work, so I have to use ctrl-arrow until I eventually get to the right screen.

Is there something wrong with my system? Is there a setting I should look at? Is this an incompatibility with Karabiner Elements? Something else?

I am running TotalSpaces2 v2.9.9.

Finally: Maybe this is an issue in my system somewhere: it just happened while TotalSpaces was not running.

Has anybody ever seen an issue like this?


I have had the same issue (High Sierra 10.3.6). I just close the program and reopen it. That always solves the issue for me.