Totalspaces changes settings when I unplug external screen

I have a 30" cinema display that I run from my laptop over Thunderbolt when I’m at my desk.

I set everything up as I want it, with 20 desktops. 4 rows of 5 columns. Everything good. Very tidy and organised.

When I unplug the screen and open my laptop to work in a coffee shop, I have 15 desktops arranged as 3 wide by 5 high.

Anything I can do to keep things consistent? Is 20 desktops too many?

Actually, I think this might be more to do with the fact that I’m closing down full screen apps. Is there any way to ‘pin’ full screen apps into a certain position? The way Mavericks creates a new desktop very time you hit the full screen button and then deletes it when you quit that app is scuppering a lot of my organisational plans.

There’s certain apps (Calendar, Spotify, iTunes) that I always want full screen and always want in the same screen - not sure there’s a way to do it currently.


OSX generally has a limit of 16 desktops, unless they are migrated from another screen, when you can end up with more. Fullscreens are not counted though, so you can have more than 16 if you include them.

There’s no full screen app pinning facility in OSX, or TotalSpaces2.

It does make some sense for apps that only ever have one window, but the only way to re-arrange your desktops automatically at the moment would be via the TotalSpaces2 API.