TotalSpaces Feature Request

If this already exists, I haven’t been able to find it. Description: On my MacBook Pro (16GB, macOS 10.14.6), I have nine virtual desktops. When I run some apps (Parallels Desktop for Mac, Microsoft Remote Desktop), I expand these to full screen, which results in a tenth space.

I have keyboard shortcuts for each space, but since this tenth space only appears when I have a full-screen app, I can’t use a keyboard shortcut to switch to it. Or can I?

I’d like to be able to assign a shortcut key to this “virtual” desktop, if at all possible.


Hi, just confirmed that you can just bring out the tenth space and go to preferences panel to set a hotkey for it. Next time you have a tenth space you still have that hotkey.

Egads, it works!!! I hadn’t thought to have the tenth space open when assigning a hot key to it. Duh. Much appreciated!