TotalSpaces Install Error Catalina

Getting this error when I try to install TotalSpaces in Catalina. SIP is disabled. Downloaded latest version.

Any ideas? Thanks.


I am checking the latest Catalina, but please also check you have the latest beta version 2.8.4

Thanks, Stephen,

It’s on my office iMac and I’m away for a few days. Will check as soon as I get back.

Well, I got back in the office today. Catalina was not working well so, after 2 hours, I decided to restore my Mojave backup. Will stay with that for the near future. Since TS is working well with that, no immediate problem.

Thanks for your help.


I did some update combo over the past few days on Mojave. Safari 13 was most recent, and I think some os update from last week. This caused my TS 2 to stop loading. I could run it, but it wouldn’t show a desktop number in the menu bar and I got the failed to start due to dock permission error.

I uninstalled and re-installed all the 2.7.x versions. No luck. I just installed 2.8.4 and now it works again.

I’m not touching anything anymore. :slight_smile: Thanks!