TotalSpaces & Mavericks, 10.9, Funtionality

TotalSpaces not functional on Mavericks, 10.9! If you are not sending updates, please refund me my $18.


Marshall Baker
Rockville, MD

Noted (Update): BinaryAge is working on a Mavericks “TotalSpaces” version for Mavericks, 10.9, release date.

Marshall Baker
Rockville, MD

There is a fully working beta version now, we are hoping to do a release before Mavericks finally ships.

It will be a free upgrade if you have purchased TotalSpaces after June 10th 2013.

I have purchased it on 2013-5-18, I need purchase again? my god

I just use 5 months; I am very sad if this was true.

Hello, thanks for your product. Say I bought a license for totalspaces in February 2013, and now it turns out that it is not active? I think it’s weird.

What? only if bought before June 2013? What a rip-off not paying the entire price again…

Agreed. It’s very disappoint that you won’t be offering upgrade pricing. I bought in mid-May, and apparently out another $18 if I want to keep using it…

ALL previous users of TotalSpaces will get a 40% discount on TotalSpaces2 for Mavericks.

All users who bought TotalSpaces after June 10th 2013 will get a free upgrade.

I’m sorry if you feel this is unfair. We do not aim to be unfair, but it is pretty normal to charge for significant upgrades, and producing a Mavericks version was very significant work.

Please feel free to email if you have a particular issue.

This is the first time I’ve seen about the discount for TotalSpaces2 (and the store doesn’t say anything about it). I personally feel this is fair.

Sorry, there is a big update for the website coming up as well better information in the app.

(It is still in beta, but we are still hoping to get everything ready for next week when Mavericks is likely to be fully released).