Totalspaces mouse select on window not focusing, only bring it to front

from grid view or expose, click on windows do bring them to the front, but does not focus on it, have to click on it again. Are there ways to set mouse click to focus on the windows while bringing it to the front?
using totalspaces2 v2.6.14 on osx 10.13 high sierra

I’ll need to try to reproduce this - at least it works ok on my machine, but indeed there were some changes in the code involved in this for High Sierra.

Do you find that focus works ok from Mission Control when you click on a window?

focus works ok from mission control with or without the reduced motion setting from accessibility. I’ve tried few reinstall and restart, neither instant expose or single desktop expose will focus, but the selected window will be brought to front

I’m noticing the same behavior. Selecting a window from exposé brings it to the front, but it is not in focus. Even if there is only one window in the desktop, and even if that window is the one I was using most recently. Also 2.6.14 on High Sierra.

Yes, now I have confirmed this. Actually an issue that started with v10.13.1 of macOS.

I will release a new version later today to address this.

Please try this version:

That works! Thanks for the incredibly quick response.

it’s working, thank you