TotalSpaces not reversing correctly

Seems to me that TotalSpaces is not reverting to the proper “space” when an application is closed. For example, if I am using Firefox and then bring Mail into the foreground and close it (both on Space 2), TotalSpaces switches to the wrong “space” entirely. In this case, it switches to Space 3. It didn’t do this before the last update. I am running Mavericks. What’s up?

I have indeed seen this behaviour on my machine once recently.

At the time I didn’t investigate it thoroughly because I assumed it was a Mavericks problem.

When you close an app TotalSpaces2 doesn’t actually do anything - if the system requests a space change then TotalSpaces will honour that, but there is no code in TotalSpaces to do anything when an app closes.

But of course there could be some chain of things that causes this bug. If you restart TotalSpaces2 (which restarts the Dock which is what controls all the spaces) does the problem persist? If not, does it come back at some point?

Thanks for the reply. I did restart TotalSpaces2 and the problem did not reappear. So, as you said, perhaps Mavericks is getting it’s threads crossed.