TotalSpaces Question

Hi, I’ve tried using total spaces before but have ended up uninstalling it as I just can’t seem to get what I’m looking for.

I’d like applications to be able to stack vertically in spaces so that all of the same applications always occupy the same spaces. For example, I’d like the first column to be: Mail, Calendar, Slack and to switch vertically.

Is this possible and am I just not configuring it correctly?

Hi, you can do what you wish I think, except if you are using fullscreen mode on any of those apps. If you are using them in normal mode, you can assign each of them to the desktop you wish using the Apps preferences in TotalSpaces2.

So for instance in my 1st column (of my 3x3 grid) I have Slack on the top space, Chrome on the middle one, and I keep the Dashboard on the bottom. So I can just switch vertically between those.

See here:

Did this answer your question?

Thanks for the reply, I see what you mean but I guess I’m really asking two things:

In full screen mode, can you have the apps always occurpy the same spaces? Can you make non-grid formations so a vertical column would be maybe 4 screens and the next is only 2 screens.

When you take an app fullscreen, it makes a new space, so it’s not possible to pin those at the moment.

And we only support regular grids. Sorry to disappoint!

Shoot, well thanks for clearing that up. I may reinstall it and try again and see if I can make it work.

Are these two things something that could or will be incorporated into TotalSpaces in the future?

We thought about ways to pin fullscreen apps, and there has been some discussion about it here. It’s not #1 on my dev list, but there’s a good chance I’ll get to it.

Non regular grids are unlikely to be supported.