TotalSpaces screen arrange behaviour

Hi. I just upgraded to TotalSpaces 2.6.24, and the behaviour in the app related to rearranging spaces has changed. Previously, when the user rearranged spaces, the space being moved went in front of the one it was replacing. Now, in 2.6.24, the space being moved is swapped with the space it is replacing.

I didn’t see a setting allowing me to return to the old behaviour, so can you please add a setting allowing a “rearrange” rather than a “swap”? Thanks.

Yes, there is a setting for this, but it’s a command line one - paste this into

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 dragSwapsSpacesInGrid -bool NO

See here:

Wow, thanks! That page is excellent. I had searched the forums, but hadn’t searched the rest of Lots of good info on that page.