TotalSpaces Status on Sierra?

I’m running TotalSpaces 2.3.9 on 10.11.6 with SIP fully enabled, and everything works great. I totally rely on TS for both work and personal use, so because of it, I have been reluctant to upgrade to Sierra. However, I would like to do so now if possible.

What is the current status of running TS on Sierra with SIP partially disabled? Does it work well for most people without any problems? On this forum, some users seem to have issues. I’m hoping that these issues are more related to their individual Macs and their particular configurations rather that problems for everyone.

If I get a green light to upgrade, should I run TS 2.4.9 or the 2.5 beta? I don’t need any other functions than were present in 2.3.9. Stability is my number one priority. And on what version of Sierra does TS work best right now?

Also, since I’m currently running TS with SIP fully enabled, as per the instructions below, do I have to do anything else than just following the regular instructions to partially disable SIP? If I remember correctly, some extra files were copied to a couple of places etc.


I have just set up a new Mac myself, and obviously my first thing to do was to install TotalSpaces.

You still have to partially disable SIP (if you don’t use the more complex installation method you mention) - so in fact just disabling the debugging protection - as per the normal instructions.

I am running 2.5.0 without any issue. Some people have had crashes with recent versions to do with the updating framework. Earlier versions didn’t exhibit this, I think we never saw that issue with v2.4.6 or 2.4.8. All earlier versions are available here:

So my advice would be to use 2.5.0, and if you experience problems to uninstall and use 2.4.8. But I don’t think there will be problems, at least not with a new install.

And I’ll try to get 2.5.1 out soon.

Hi Stephen,

After reading your reply this morning, I felt confident enough to take the plunge and finally upgrade to Sierra. The upgrade from 10.11.6 to 10.12.3 went smooth, and everything is working on my Mac Pro, including TotalSpaces 2.5!

I’m so pleased to finally be on Sierra, as I’m hearing it’s more stable than El Capitan (which gave me occasional kernel panics), so thank you reassuring me that I would be fine! :slight_smile: And thank you again for making and keeping TotalSpaces alive, I totally depend on it for my workflow and would be devastated if development stopped.


This sounds good! Stephen said “You still have to partially disable SIP”… “so in fact just disabling the debugging protection - as per the normal instructions.”

Could I ask you to put the link here to do this? There is a lot of writing here about SIP and I’d like the short and direct way to do it. Thanks.

Follow-up- maybe just verify with a yes that this is the method you are referring to:
csrutil enable --without debug

Hi riclf,

I had previously followed the instructions to be make TS work on El Capitan with SIP fully enabled. Before upgrading to Sierra, I just booted into the Recovery OS and entered “csrutil enable --without debug” in terminal, and that was it!

hi Steve, any update on the way ? Thx

I am working on a new release, but what exactly were you looking for?

Hi again Steve, thx for your message:
the reason of my question is a little issue I have (the only one)
-> of the 16 screens I’m using, I regularly have an issue with a couple of them:
when I click for example on number 6, within the overall screen view, I land on another screen, I repeat the operation and get on the same issue, then I go in the menu bar, select 6 and then it works.
Do you know the issue and fix ?
Thx for your support on this awesome solution/product.
:slight_smile: BTW: I’m using the very latest macOS beta 10.12.4 (16E175b)

Oh, so it’s not correctly recognising the space you clicked on? I’ll set myself up with 16 spaces and try to reproduce it.

that’s it, exactly, it bounces to another screen/space
(only happens on a couple of spaces, but when you have an important space to go into, it becomes a (small) issue to workaround :slight_smile: