TotalSpaces swipe delay and sometimes has no effect

Just upgraded from Yosemite to Sierra and the following started happening, so not sure if this is a known issue.

I use 3 finger swipe to move between spaces, and 4 fingers for mission control grid. In Yosemite, the transition between spaces was almost immediate after the 3 finger swipe. In Sierra, there is a delay of around 1 sec before the transition happens. Sometimes, the 3 finger swipe has no effect at all, and I have to do it several times before it finally works (again, after a delay).

My best guess: the 3 finger swipe is initially being interpreted as a 2-finger scroll by the OS. If I move the 3 fingers very slowly, the active window will start to scroll, and then after enough time it will change spaces. If I do a quick 3 finger swipe and it works, the active window will still scroll a tiny bit in that direction during the delay before the space actually changes.

Thank you in advance for any help, and let me know if there is any additional information/clarification I can provide.

Yes, I think you are right. I think something might have changed in the way the system interprets those 3 finger gestures.

So when the system is set to use 4 fingers for mission control, it accepts 3 fingers for changing pages even when it should only accept 2 fingers. TotalSpaces doesn’t currently have a way to prevent this.

Setting Mission Control to 3 fingers and TotalSpaces to 4 fingers is at least one solution, but of course that may not suit you.

I have changed TotalSpaces to 4 finger swipe and Mission Control to 3 fingers, and this is a big improvement.

There is still a 0.5 second delay between the gesture and the space change (Mission Control’s is still immediate, albeit with a much slower transition), and it still fails some of the time. However, it does seem more reliable than before.

Here is a twist: it appears there is also a slight delay using hotkeys to change spaces/open the grid. Perhaps there is something else interfering with TotalSpaces that is causing the slow reaction time?

I’m not sure there’s anything I can do for this. TotalSpaces waits for the system to change desktop before showing the transition, and if the system is a bit slow there will be a small delay. I wouldn’t normally expect more than 250mS or so, but it is a bit variable.


I am surprised that no one else is experiencing this, and makes me wonder if its actually a conflict with some system setting or some other app.