TotalSpaces2.2.19 OSX10.10.3 (14D127a) Application Space assignment issue


I’m using TotalSpace2 2.2.19 and OSX10.10.3 (14D127a)
I’m experiencing a very annoying thing

  • I’m having a 3*3 matrix Spaces setup
  • I removed the space switching animations
  • I work sometimes single screen on my mac book and usually with dual screen
    I use to assign applications to Desktops using the OSX toolbar (assign to this desktop)

When I navigate using the shortcut keys I usually get the correct space but here’s what can happen

  • the space is not the correct one, sometimes I ask to move left and it moves another direction
  • the application I see is not on its correct space
  • the application, even when selected does not show the correct menu bar (usually Finder, even if I select xcode or sourceTree… this one is the worst)
  • the applications when not in the correct space can be “fixed” by moving around like crazy with the space switching hotkeys
  • while doing so, the screen flickers in an unusual manner

I just bought TotalSpaces2, because this is what I need, but the combination of those things just drives me crazy. The more the day longs, the more the issues are present.
I finally end up restarting the computer to start afresh (does not last very long, as soon as more than 5 applications are open, the thing begins to grind my mind again)

If someone can tell me that he has seen that and has a fix. Please HELP !

The only issue i know of is that if you move quickly past a space then sometimes the system will switch back to that space because the app on it takes some time to activate.

So if I have 3 spaces in a row, and I move from 1 to 3 via space 2 quickly, and space 2 contains something like photoshop that is quite slow to activate, then once photoshop has activated the system will switch back to space 2 in order to show the newly activated app (photoshop).

This is obviously not what we want in this case, but it is very hard to detect (and block) when it happens because the same kind of activations happen when you, for instance, use the CMD-TAB facility.

Could it be this issue that is causing the trouble?

Hello Stephen, yes that could be it, I’ll try to re-enable some animations to see if that can leave the necessary time to activate the apps.

Having a fast way to switch between spaces is the very thing I’m using TotalSpaces for, because switching is much more bound to a mental/space mapping that leads to a more intuitive Spaces handling

Ok reactivating the animations revealed a thing that may explain the behaviour I describe above.

When switching using the key combinations, more than one transition is triggered. Usually 5 to 6, but could be more.

Sounds like theres a broken transition stack record somewhere

Do you by any chance have the same key combinations set up in System prefs -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Mission Control ?

Could be also.
I have deactivated the shortcuts of mission control as well as upgraded OSX to 10.10.4 (14E7f)
I also deleted all my spaces and recreated them (the issue was still present)

Was working fine at home this morning.

It started behaving weird when I went to work and plugged the second monitor.

So is the status that you are seeing multiple switches for a single hotkey press when more than one monitor is plugged in?

I wonder if you can try changing space using the swipe gestures (in Transitions prefs)?