TotalSpaces2 2.9.9 fails to start on Catalina 10.15.7 after security update

Installed the latest security update yesterday, and TotalSpaces2 failed to start. Installed the latest version (2.9.9), disabled SIP, still failing. Any workaround for this?


I am also experiencing this problem after installing the Security Update 2021-003 Catalina.

The installation does not finish with this error:

TotalSpaces2 failed to install correctly.
Please try again or contact support.
Plugin could not be installed, not found

SIP is disabled

Same here. To be precise, for me it now keeps invisibly crashing whenever I try to switch spaces. Any ideas? This app is essential to my workflow, and I completely regret installing the latest security update.

It’s extremely irritating how Apple manages to break so many things on every single update, even on completely minor ones like this… I truly pity macOS devs, who need to keep adapting their apps to support each new version. Windows devs sure as heck never have to deal with things like this.