TotalSpaces2 and external screens


I’ve read several threads here on that topic, and I still don’t know what’s the expected behaviour of TS2 when you disconnect an external screen.

What happens to me and I think it shouldn’t be happening is:

-MBP screen with 3 different spaces.
-External Dell 27" screen connected by miniDisplayPort with 2 different spaces.

When I disconnect the external screen, the second space is moved to the MPB screen. ONLY the second space, even if it has no apps on it. If the external screen has only 1 space, only open apps or windows are moved, not the space itself, and this one should be the expected behaviour for all spaces on a given screen.

I’ve read in the forums that there’s a sort of plugin that solves the issue, Display Spaces Manager. Is that correct? Will it work with TS2 v2.8.12?

Will TS2 be corrected to behave in a consistent way? I mean, some will want their spaces moved to the main screen when a external one is disconnected, some will not, there should be a switch that allows either options.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi again.

I’ve tested DisplaySpacesManager right away and I found that it does exactly what I need: applies screen layouts, each screen with their spaces.

Just a little problem, but I don’t know if it’s attributable to TS2+DSM combo: I usually change spaces backgrounds in order to differentiate one from each other, but if I disconnect external screen (DSM applies the correct layout to the MBP one) and later I reconnect it, looks like backgrounds for each different space are not saved and then reapplied when the layout is restored by DSM.

And I think the DSM functionality should be included in TS2, as another “tab” in its Preferences window.



Edit: I just found that the same happens -lost backgrounds- when computer comes back from sleep.