TotalSpaces2 and VMware Fusion Performance issues

Quick notes on my setup:
Mac Pro desktop, early 2008, with dual display. Windows 7 running in VMware Fusion, full-screen on one display.

I’ve now spent several months trying to figure out why my Windows 7 instance was almost unusably slow when system has tons of available resources. After several rounds with VMware support, they could not identify any problems on their end, and believed it was an underlying issue with my desktop/hardware.
The console was filled with messages about VMware disabling UI updates.

On a whim I tried disabling total spaces, and that seems to have resolved the problem.
As I look at the issue a little more, I don’t know how this happened, but I think I didn’t have the necessary number of desktops enabled in total spaces, and VMware running full-screen ends up in the lowest right-corner window of the available desktops. I’m wondering if VMware tools is trying to determine screensize/resolution or other display details for a desktop that doesn’t properly exist from an OS perspective?

Either way, not quite sure if this is the full issue or not. I wanted to document what I’ve seen in case the problem recurs, or in case anyone else is experiencing it. I’ll share more details if I notice them.

Thanks. Underneath TotalSpaces is the standard OSX mission control spaces, so it shouldn’t be that the desktops are not proper.

The most graphic intensive part of TotalSpaces is displaying the Overview Grid. I think it’s more likely that this causes the issue with VMWare. But please do document anything you find.