TotalSpaces2: Changing space with hotkeys on a multi-monitor setup is janky


I’m using TotalSpaces2 along with chunkwm on OSX Sierra so I can get rid of those annoying animations when changing spaces. (the fade animation enabled by the Accessibility > Reduce motion option is just as bad)

It seems like when using the LocalSpaces hotkey to switch spaces, it only changes space on the monitor where the cursor last had movement. It doesn’t care which monitor the cursor is currently located, or which window is currently in focus. This makes it incredibly janky when used together with chunkwm, which will move the cursor as well as focus the visible window when you switch to a different monitor. (unless you give the mouse a tiny boop to tell TotalSpaces that this is now the active monitor)

Would it be possible for TotalSpaces to detect which monitor the mouse is located on and/or which monitor/window is currently in focus? This would fix the issue as mentioned above.

That should be avoidable. I’ll see if it can be fixed.

I made a change in the way the mouse location is obtained, please try this version:

Thanks, I didn’t expect this to be resolved so quickly!

I’ll try the version you linked once I’m back on OSX on monday, and let you know.

Thank you very much! This worked perfectly.
Instant purchase for me. [=

Thanks for letting me know!