TotalSpaces2 fails to launch since upgrade to 2.8.11 on Mojave

All was running fine, ran the 2.8.11 updater when prompted, and it now fails to launch every time, reporting installation failed via modal window. Shows up in Privacy and is checked as expected, SIP is off. Tried overwriting with 2.8.8 again, takes longer to fail and the style of the pop up is different, this time a notification pop up saying it failed to launch. Haven’t typically had this problem when updating. Restart didn’t fix it either, nor did upgrading to 2.8.11 again. HALP

Sorry for this, I will try to fix it. Can you try to launch it, then send me a diag

If it’s too big to email please use dropbox or something similar.

It looks like from the logs that TotalSpaces2 can’t send messages to the Dock process. Recommend you try the following command in a window:

tccutil reset AppleEvents

Then try to launch TotalSpaces2. You should then be able to correclyt allow permission for TotalSpaces2 to control

By the way, I also see some crashes of Dock, but not from TotalSpaces2, might be something to do with cDock.