TotalSpaces2 loses configuration

Frequently, TotalSpaces2 loses my config, so I have to set up the two screens with different numbers of windows and reassign apps to spaces. Is there a way to save the config, or export it, so I can reimport it if this happens?

Welcome for any help.

Technically the config lives in ~/Library/Preferences/com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2.plist
and ~/Library/Preferences/ but I don’t think it’s necessarily useful to back these up because the config and app assignments relate to particular displays and space ids, and I suspect what is happening is that the display id or space ids are changing.

I don’t know how to fix the cause of this.

However, I did make a helper app that may help. It’s called Display Spaces Manager, and you can find it here:
It might be able to save and then restore your display configuration after it has been lost.

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Thanks Stephen, appreciate you coming back to me. I will try DSM 1.2.3.