TotalSpaces2 status under macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

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Seems to be unstable, can’t switch space using my 4 fingers swipe

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At present TotalSpaces2 is pretty much non functional on High Sierra. It can detect the number of spaces and some information about them, but controlling space changes and overview grid are non functional.

This is usually expected with a new version of macOS, but we are working on it, I’ll write more here when I have more information.


Yeah had to stop using it and lost 1/3 of my speed

Here is the first beta of TotalSpaces2 for High Sierra.

Known issues:

  • TotalSpaces2 won’t notice if you reorder the spaces using Mission Control
  • Reordering spaces in the overview grid can cause Dock to restart
  • If you have windows of an app on another space than the assigned space for that app, there may be problems with switching to that space
  • It will almost certainly need an update when the next HS beta comes

Feedback is appreciated, at this stage there may also be a few other rough edges.

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Previously fixed issues resurfaced with dev beta 2 with some strange behavior in deck icons

Which version do you have? Is it 10.13 Beta (17A264c) ?

No, it’s 10.13 Beta (17A291j)

Hi Stephen,
I’m not sure if this is the same issue as @Ahmed_Habashy, my TotalSpaces 2.6.0 does not work on 10.13 dev beta 2 (17A291j), while it is working on previous 10.13 dev beta 1.
I can’t add desktops when it springs a dialog saying “Desktop creation–Could not create all requested desktops. The system limit is 16 (plus specials)”.

Yes, thanks for the reports - it was expected to need another update for beta 2.

It should be quick for me to do, but beta 2 has completely failed to install on my dev machine. There’s something up with the APFS volume. I don’t have my backup disk with me at the moment, so please wait until tomorrow (or so) when I can get things fixed.

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Hi Stephen, let me know if I can help you by sharing files installed already on my machine, if this helps just tell me

Thanks! I actually managed to re-install yesterday eve, just copying data now.

My APFS volume was broken in such a way that it couldn’t release space after deleting files, and the installation just ran me out of disk space. Erasing/reformatting to APFS didn’t work, but I found I could format it as HFS and then install macOS again from there.

Anyway, expect an update soon!

Over-optimistic me… turns out there are more serious obstacles with High Sierra beta 2, in particular some internal apis were taken away which makes life hard.

It will take me some more time to get the next version ready, I’m pretty sure it won’t be before next week, and maybe a bit longer than that.

Hmm good luck with that, I don’t know if it’s only me or what, but during the last two or three versions (big ones) of MacOS, TotalSpaces has become more glitchy when it comes to transition, things went more rough to transit between spaces

For High Sierra beta 2 you can try the following beta TotalSpaces2:

Known issues:

  1. There is a new osax component that requires SIP to be turned off to install
  • TotalSpaces2 won’t notice if you reorder the spaces using Mission Control
  • Reordering spaces in the overview grid will cause Dock to restart
  • It will almost certainly need an update when the next HS beta comes

In particular, regarding point 1 - this was unfortunate, but if you have SIP turned on you will need to turn it off before this update will be able to run. This was caused by a change in our signing certificate by apple.

Instructions to turn off SIP, see here:

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Works as described on 10.13 Beta (17A264c), Thanks man!

Just a quick note - beta 3 arrived (17A306f). v2.6.1 will work with it, but a couple of things need to be fixed - removing spaces is broken, and the front window does not get set correctly in some cases when exiting the grid, or single desktop expose.

I’ll release a new TS beta in a few days to fix this and hopefully some of the other outstanding issues.

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For what it’s worth 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 didn’t work for me on Public Beta 1, and 2.6.1 isn’t working for me on Public Beta 2 (17A306f). I’ve doublechecked that SIP is off when I install TS2, and I still have the same 9 spaces that I used for my 3x3 grid in macOS 10.12. TS2 doesn’t show which space it thinks I’m in in the menubar, and in the preferences under “layout” I don’t see a preview of my grid, + and - buttons on the rows/columns do nothing, and it says I both have and need 16 desktops despite my having 9…

Anyway, I don’t expect you to install the public beta and do another release! I’m just hoping the dev/public betas get closer and apis stop changing soon so I can have TS2 working again! Thanks for all the effort you put in.

Version 2.6.1 has a lot of bugs or interferes with other Apps.
These are the bugs I have:
Sometimes when I change a space with a 4 finger swipe it will return to the first space, lets say the first space was Desktop 4, if I click for instance Safari in the dock and it’s in space 1 it will return to space 4 instantly.
This just happens once in a while, but the next bug is really bad.
If I open Transmission it will get into a state I have to restart, the desktops will change from the space Transmission is in to the space I was in multiple times a second, the only way to get out of this is to hold the start button on my mini for 2-3 seconds and then press the R button to restart the Mini.
There is also no spaces overview in the menu, the icon also does not display the space one is in.
It’s not useable the way it is now.