TotalSpaces2 v2.3.6 on OSX 10.10.5 Forgets spaces layout after each restart


Running TotalSpaces2 v2.3.6 on my OSX 10.0.5 forgets the Spaces layout after each restart.
My computer is an i7 Mac Mini late 2012, connected to two monitors (HDMI and DisplayPort).
After every restart, all the desktops move to the Selected display which has index of 1.

Please help, Currently I need to re-define this every restart.


Hi Guy,

This problem is totally annoying, and is basically due to OSX forgetting which monitor the spaces belong to and moving them to the wrong display. It only happens for some users though, we are not sure of the exact triggers.

We tried to work around this problem by creating an app that can record your space layout for a particular monitor configuration, and can restore it on demand. You can find the app here:

Please let me know if it helps. Note you will need to be using a registered version of TotalSpaces2 for it to work.

I am now having the same issue when restarting. I am using an external SSD to boot and keep it permanently plugged in. It seems that no matter what I do, the windows all converge on the primary display. I checked Prefs and the second monitor is listed as a display. Ideas?

I read about the app and downloaded/ran it but only got a blank screen with no options.

Can you post a screenshot so I can try to figure out what’s happening?

(P.S. just in case you weren’t aware, you would need to have a licensed copy of TotalSpaces2 for that app to work)