TotalSpaces2 v2.9.9 and macOS 13 Ventura

Just installed Ventura. TotalSpaces do not seem to work. I cannot switch to any other desktop. no matter which method of switching to a desktop I try. Desktop background becomes black for a moment and all minimized app windows come on screen, then desktop becomes back, but it does not change to another desktop created with TotalSpaces2. Do other have similar problems? I could not find any posts on TS2 and Ventura

I guess TS2 does not work on M1. I am now trying TS3.

Correct - Mojave breaks TS2 and TS3 is pretty incomplete.

TS2 works fine on Mojave. TS3, at least the working intel build I was able to find on these forums, is very incomplete – slow transitions, and no ability to use gestures to swipe to the side or vertically to move to the neighboring space.