TotalSpaces2 Yosemite status

Hello grid-spaces lovers,

TotalSpaces is compatible with Yosemite from the 2.2.1 pre-release. You can find it here:

There haven’t been any major changes required this time, but many small things.

Remaining issues that I know about:

  1. Dragging windows between screens results in them ending up in the wrong positions on the destination screen.
  2. Sometimes TotalSpaces2 will not recognise a newly plugged in screen.
  3. As of Yosemite preview 2, TotalSpaces2 regularly forgets its preference settings. Restarting TotalSpaces2 restores them though.

Thank you for helping with testing under this new OS and reporting all possible issues. I will try to iron out all the issues over next few months.

Great news! So far it’s working perfectly in 10.10 DP2. Thanks again for all your hard work Stephen. :smile:

Hi Stephen,
Thank for your great job.

Just bought TotalSpaces2, already a happy TotalFinder customer.

It’s not working with Yosimite beta.

Double click it, nothing much happens.

I pulled up Activity Monitor, filtered it for “total” and TotalFinder along with TotalFinderCrashWatcher are there but no TotalSpaces2.

If I leave Activity Monitor up and run TotalSpaces2 I can see it in Activity Monitor for about 4 seconds then it disappears.

I’m using TotalSpaces2 installed from
I did not have a previous version installed.

There isn’t a mainline release for Yosemite yet, but everything should work if you install this pre-release version:

This is the best available version, and there shouldn’t be any remaining issues. Let me know if you do find anything.

2.2.5 appears to run.

When I have the time I’ll actually try it :smile:

Thank you for the help Stephen.

2.2.5 failed to install on mine.

I have a late 2013 MacPro, Mavericks 10.9.4, 6-core.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for testing. It appears that there is some kind of decompression problem with this build on Mavericks.

I’ve double checked this new build, it seems ok - please try this one:

Yes it worked. Thanks.

Lag with Safari. If i have totalspaces2 running and scroll in Safari. (here then the scrolling stutters. (have old macbook 5,1 dual core 9400M) . If i turn off Totalspaces2 scrolling is smooth again. The effect is stronger when there are colors in the Transparent new Titlebar. Somehow Totalspaces does not work well with this new Transparency of Yosemite. Also when i start Totalspaces then the Desktop-Background changes to black for a second and then goes back to the background picture. This effect is not in overview grid, but in “idle” when only the TS Menu icon is visible. Something is running as a background-task using ressources even if TS is not used. Maybe its a hidden window which then gets visible as the totalspaces grid view. and this hidden window does not play well with the new yosemite transparency. Also i usually run 4x4 Spaces (=16) which might use more memory, but on Mavericks (and older) it was never a noticeable Problem. Maybe i had the lowerMemoryUsage activated on Mavericks already, i have to double-check this.

Daniel, are you using v2.2.6?

Also, does this help?

defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces2 lowerMemoryUsage YES

TotalSpaces2 does keep a hidden window containing the contents of the overview grid around when it’s not in use. But normally this wouldn’t affect performance unless you use an awful lot of windows. This setting prevents this window being kept around, so a new one is created each time you launch the overview grid.

Hi Stephen, the lowerMemoryUsage=Yes seems to work, i already have v2.2.6 . Scrolling in Safari does not stutter anymore. My laptop is late 2008 unibody 2x2Ghz, Nvidia 9400M (256M Shared Memory) so similar to Macbook-Air in Performance or even slower. It seems to need LowerMemoryUsage in yosemite. in Mavericks there are not so much transparency effects and Safari works there also with LowerMemoryUsage= No. For me this makes it usable. I will observe it for a while. For comparison, also grid animation only is smooth with “desktop zoom” and “whole grid zoom” for me is blurry and slow, so i never use it.

Ok thanks. On my mid 2012 MacBook Air the scrolling seems very performant to me in Yosemite, but it’s probably very dependent on what graphics hardware you have.

Things may also improve in later betas of Yosemite.

I doublechecked with Mavericks, there Safari sees no difference (FPS/stutter) when running TS. I even tried to simulate the transparency-effect with a translucent floating iTerm in front of safari, which makes no difference. I think the new translucent effect in Safari does quite some calculation to blend the colors, which might be too much effort for my “old” GPU. If the Windows (OpenGL-Layers) in WindowServer are GPU accelerated everything is fluid. Somehow rendering/mixing alpha channel is my bottleneck. I had no preferences key, so lowerMemoryUsage was not activated. So its really a difference with Yosemite, where the lowerMemoryUsage for me helps. Turning it on / off on Mavericks i cannot notice a difference, like you suggested it would be faster, when the window is kept hidden in Background. So i prefer to use lowerMemoryUsage as it uses less resources in general. i wrote “real expose clone” für windows (ahk-script) so i can roughly understand what you try to optimize. For me lowerMemoryUsage is fast enough.

Are there still renaming issues using TS with Yosemite.
I am unable to rename 2 of my 6 desktops.
Using TS 2.2.6 / OSX 10.10 DP6
I have uninstalled and reinstalled still the same



I have 2 Desktops that appear to have named themselves without me inputting anything.
The Apps are Busycal and Google Chrome and I am unable to rename them.
Hope this makes sense.

Reluctantly had to uninstall TS on Yosemite.

Desktops containing full screen apps have never been able to be renamed - they take the name of the app that is running there. Are you using apps in full screen mode? If not, then this is a bug.

Thanks for clarifying that,all seems OK now.