TotalSpaces3 M1 MBP - Spaces rearrange order when switching between them

Hi there! Ok, so first up; I LOVE total spaces. Been using it for years (paying customer on both TSP2 AND TSP3) and I’m super stoked that there’s a TSP3 beta for Apple Silicon. Also stoked that you folks are considering open sourcing and letting the community continue to develop.

But I’m having a bit of an issue. When I use the hotkey to switch spaces, the order of the desktops rearrange. It seems to happen when I switch out of order, e.g. navigate down to a space in 2D, as opposed to navigate left or right in typical apple fashion.

Has anyone seen this? Have any fixes/workarounds?

Using TSP3 v.0.9.125, by the way. Near as I can tell, that’s the latest beta.

Take a look under Preferences → Mission Control and see if you have the button ticked for ‘Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use’

I had this defaulted recently on a new install and had to disable it.


oy… what a stupid feature, apple! :smiley:

Thank you, @jasonba!