TotalSpaces3 slow relative to TotalSpaces2 on same hardware (Intel)

I was forced to upgrade my Mojave 4.2 GHz quad-core i7 iMac (a beast of a machine even four years after my company bought it for me) to Monterey to get some python libraries to install properly. Obviously, I immediately found out that TotalSpaces2 was DOA. I installed TS3 and five minutes of trial usage was enough to convince me to spend $15 on it, and I don’t regret such a minor purchase if it gets me even a little functionality. The lack of hot corners is disappointing, but I can adapt to using a hotkey instead.

But I do lament that TS3 is extraordinarily slow. I use a 4x4 space arrangement (which is why I NEED a 2D layout, Mission Control with 16 spaces is mentally useless with regard to spatially placing tasks in a conceptual landscape of tasks). I am finding that activating TS3 is almost unusable. It takes several seconds to begin to render the spaces view, and then initially it only shows blank desktops for the 16 spaces for a long time, a substantial fraction of a minute. Eventually the windows appear and I can click into a target space to exit spaces and begin working in another space. But this process takes forever now. TS2 was instantaneous at the same task.

I hate to admit it, but I’m not sure I can work this way – which leaves me with no options. Mission Control with 16 spaces is unviable in terms of mentally locating a task (aka a space) in the landscape of spaces. So if TS is all but unusable, I am left without options.

To put it bluntly, WTH do other people do with large numbers of spaces? Surely they don’t do it in Mission Control. Am I simply the only person on Earth who uses numerous spaces to represent their various ongoing tasks?

Any advice on how to proceed is appreciated.

I wasn’t able to make ts3 on intel fast enough to be tolerable… so I just deal without it. For now I’m stuck with mission control. Fortunately I never upgraded my main machine to Mojave!