TotalTerminal fails to start in El Capitan Public Beta

follow this:

If you want to let TotalTerminal works, you must keep SIP off.

Thank you, this works, I just hope apple fixes the way this is done so we don’t need to go to these extreme lengths and actually turn of a valid feature.
I’ve actually send them a feedback about this through the feedback assistant, so… :smile:

Yes, this configuration are just designed for developers. I hope the next version of TotalTerminal needn’t do this to make it work.

Upgraded to El Capitan to find that my most-used hotkey (⌥~ to bring up TotalTerminal’s Visor) doesn’t work anymore. Tried iTerm and it’s horrible. Outdated GUI style, doesn’t support basic hotkeys like ⌥↑→↓←, etc. Disabled SIP just to continue using TotalTerminal. Please keep the product running!

Dropped support is really a bad and sad news…

Since iTerm2 is not a perfect software and more of that, heavier than total terminal it’s too bad to have to switch on it… Keep continue searching a solution. I have another tweak wich not support El Capitan, but a fork have been done and the soft is running fine

I hope you’ll find the force to take back the developpement and bring us an updated version of TotalTerminal :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I really love this program an no other are so great (iTerm is a good program but miss lot of natural fonctionnality and have some bugs, example you cannot switch the visior from screen1 to screen2 without going in pref… totalterminal do this really simplier by following on wich screen the mouse are)

Ho i already said that but… TotalTerminal is really light and bring us everything we need :slight_smile:

Please keep your software alive

I have also suffered the consequences of upgrading to El Capitan, my beloved TotalTerminal has stopped working. Please keep supporting TT, the other options are not half as good and I need my quick access hotkeys working. PLZ keep supporting TT!!!

My Visor didn’t work anymore… I thought my life was over! Good thing that fix took!

$crsutil enable… blah blah blah. Disable the SIP. I don’t want to tell you hot to do it because you should make sure you understand what your turning off… but this is my work machine… I need this to dominate others! Where’s the donate button!

For anyone who is looking for an alternative, you can install iTerm, set the hotkey (cmd+` or the one that you prefer) customise all your settings to your needs and then apply this fix

Now it should work exactly as TotalTerminal :smile:

not really exactly…

Indeed, iTerm2’s UIX are far from what TotalTerminal’s was. I’m still looking for other alternatives though I hope the developers change their mind on pulling the plug on TotalTerminal.

Decided to go ahead and turn off SIP as well. Life is good again.

Think will do the same… xtrafinder and continuity activation tool need sip to be disabled too.

WOW I have been using Total Terminal since it was called Visor and have been loving it, unfortunately because it now requires me to disable SIP I might have to check out iTerm2 which totally sucks. I hope that the developers refactor the code behind Total Terminal so that disabling SIP is no longer required :frowning:

Please, please start developing TotalTerminal again. I absolutely depend on it, and despise iTerm. I’d be happy to pay for a functional TotalTerminal. Please? (Or release the source again, though I understand that it would take some work removing code shared with your other products.)

@popq If you want to fork TotalTerminal, you can do so from last public sources (2 years old):

It is viable, TotalTerminal core functionality didn’t change that much over last two years:

I’ve gotten very used to this. Does anyone know why it stopped working in El Capitan ?