TotalTerminal window stuck filling the screen

Something I did recently has caused my TotalTerminal window to be stuck taking up the entire screen. I’ve tried deleting, com.binaryage.totalterminal.plist, and logging out/logging back in. If I select “Window -> Return to Default Size”, my TotalTerminal window goes back to 24 lines per the settings, but if I Cmd+T to open a new tab, it expands back to filling the entire screen, both vertically and horizontally.

I’m running OS X 10.9.5.

I have a vague sense that Mavericks is getting in the way here, trying to remember my window position or something. Has anybody else run into this and gotten out of it somehow?

I’ve got same problem. Can’t figure out a way to return to default size

Have the problem also.

Please check if you didn’t accidentally enable option to expand TotalTerminal to fill full screen (CMD+OPT+F).

It was introduced as a reaction to this issue:

And it was a bad idea, because some people accidentally enable it and then wonder.