TS2 disables custom wallpaper

I use Startupizer for managing startup programs (very nice soft btw). Totalspaces 2 disables my wallpapers.
I have to quit TS2 for my wallpapers to load up, then I open it again. Anyone with similar problem?

I am not able to reproduce this.

I also tried Startupizer, but it didn’t seem to do anything useful, it failed to launch my startup items anyway. Maybe I just don’t understand it, but it seemed to be broken for me.

Anyway, in your video you show quitting TotalSpaces, and that causes your desktop wallpaper to return.

Because I can’t think of any mechanism by which TotalSpaces could stop your wallpaper showing, I have a hunch that it’s not TotalSpaces that is preventing it from showing - because when you quit TotalSpaces it also quits and restarts Dock.app, which almost certainly is what triggers it to show.

Do your wallpapers show if you do not start TotalSpaces at startup?

I have tried disabling TT2 and wallpapers sometimes do load. So it is probably something wrong with my system. I just though it was weird that after I quit TT2 wallpapers load (and it is not related to startup items).

Fo info, you can actually restart the Dock at the command line. Use the command

killall Dock

in Terminal.app. I think your wallpapers will load correctly if you do this because resetting Dock seems to fix it. I don’t know what the base problem is though.