TS2: Yosemite Finder hang when moving, copying files in column view?

If I copy or move a file or folder by dragging the mouse, I’ve found that the destination finder column will highlight, and and soon as it does, the file or folder the mouse is dragging will just float there, separated from the cursor. The cursor usually stays in its “copy cursor” mode.

I can move the windows around and the icon still stays there! I can also swtich spaces and the file or folder icon still floats in the same place, and it is completely non-interactable as far as I can tell.

After doing this, the OS is in kind of a strange state. Pressing the spacebar of all things, will change focus from whatever window or application you are in to the Finder. In fact, if you’re in a completely different space it will zip back to the space where the original destination finder window is.

Did not have this problem in 10.9 .

– coder134
(Mid 2010 Mac Pro, OS X 10.10.2)

Just so we know what we are talking about - Are you using TotalFinder, TotalSpaces, or both?

Sorry. We’re talking about both TotalSpaces2 and TotalFinder(1.6.17)


I think it’s a Finder issue. @darwin, any ideas?

Have this same issue occurring- recurring, actually.

OS X 10.10.2. Using only a single Finder window. Every use of the space bar, returns focus to the Finder. Dock is unresponsive- must chose from open, visible applications using Expose, navigation through the Finder, or click on a window visible behind your active window.

Purged the com.apple.finder.plist, and forced the Finder to rebuild it, to no avail. Restart clears the issues, temporarily.

Anyone locate a solution/work-around/clue?


It’s really annoying.

One “user interface” work around I’ve tried is to not use the Column View. I know that’s hardly ideal, but it least seems to not make it occur. I thought I was reading somewhere (maybe it was a Binary Age dev log or something?) – or maybe it was another product entirely – that there was trouble with getting the Column View to deal with moving files around. Could have been something with MacHeist, don’t think so though.

One thing I know helped was when I had this issue before and upgraded to the next OS X (so like, 10,8 to 10.9 or something).

Ray, let us know if you find anything else / have any other ideas or experiences. Purging the com.apple.finder.plist was a really good idea, wish I had thought of that. Pity it didn’t work though.

Oh and are you running both TotalSpaces2 and TotalFinder? Or just one of? Any tools you would have grabbed with MacHeist?


(So yeah I was wrong about not having this issue before. I did have it before, quite a while ago, forgot about it.)