Two features left - Dual-Mode toggle / Dropbox icon

Hi there,

two features are really missing

  1. you made a toggle mode for every option - except the dual mode - Why?
    It would be a very good benefit instead of pressing every time CMD+U.
    So please just implement a simple check box as for the others
    Screenshot 1

  2. Is it possible that you generate a icon for dropbox too? I agree that you can’t generate one for every simple application. But i think that dropbox has a lot of installations out there in the world and access via the side bar is just simple. But for now - dropbox always use the standard icon. I changed it a few times - but after a little while it changes back to the original icon
    Screenshot 2

Thanks in advance for every help/reply.

knock, knock :smile:

am i really the only one who want a comfortable checkbox to always start TF in dual mode?

I’m sorry I somehow overlooked this topic. Starting always in dual mode is not as easy as it sounds.

  1. Right now TotalFinder works by converting existing windows into tabs. No matter how the windows were created by Finder. For example clicking on the Dock icon while having no Finder windows will create a new one. This is done by Finder code. This new behaviour would be requesting opening new Finder windows in reaction on opening other Finder windows and converting them to dual mode. It can be probably done, but I must carefully think about it so it can work reliably in all scenarios.

  2. Dropbox tries to set its icon image in the sidebar. But for some reason it gets reverted after a while. I think this should be fixed by Dropbox guys not me. We could just step on each other toes.

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hey Darwin - thanks a lot for your reply.
I understand your problem - hopefully you’ll find a way to make it possible without any problems for the rest of the app.

Crossing fingers :slight_smile:

Dropbox - i found a way to change it by myself. you’re right with your suggest of a dropbox behavior. The icon is within the dropbox app and can be also changed there easily. Just show the content of the app - browse to and replace the file “DropboxFolderIcon_leopard.icns” to your needs :slight_smile:
Now the logo won’t be changed anymore :slight_smile:

For my Dual Mode it is not available, cmd + U or double click on tab not working.
I’m using 10.3.3 Yosemite on a Macbook Pro 15 ".

In Dock preferences I see the combination cmd + U is busy with minimized window.
How I can access the Dual Mode ??

With the las update, every things are working ok.
Thank’s regard’s

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