Two problems with 1.4.3


I noticed there was a new version 1.4.3, and tried it out. However I had two problems with it and had to revert to the previous version.

In 1.4.3 it appears that the visor is swallowing one of the hot key positions (command-1, command-2, etc). I usually use hot keys to get to my terminals but somehow the visor claims one of the positions and no matter which order I start the terminal windows, command-1 will suddenly disappear after a few seconds.

The other problem I had is when I use alt-tab, it insists to show the visor when coming from any other app.

thanks for listening.

Indeed: Opening the visor each time I CMD-TAB to the Terminal is extremely annoying.
This pretty much breaks the normal use of Terminal. Totalterminal should not be interfering with that.

(Re the CMD-N problem: Visor always was taking one of these, but it was kind of random which one. Now at least it appears to consistent it is always CMD-1.)

I have just fixed the CMD+TAB problem for next release. Somehow during last refactoring, one condition got reversed.

FYI: Visor will auto-slide on CMD+TAB only if Visor is the only Terminal window in the system.

The CMD+TAB issue should be fixed in 1.4.4: