UI update requests - tab and sidebar transparency

I’m creating this topic to gauge interest for UI changes. When I contacted the developer, Antonin, he expressed that the request could be executed if enough user interest was generated. So my issue is purely design related; I have been using TotalFinder ever since I had my first Mac back in 2007. It has faithfully worked on all OS iterations since, and is running on my macOS 10.13b3 like a charm. I am requesting 2 features -
(1) an additional tab appearance option to allow more Mac-like tabs (ie Finder, Safari, Opera, Vivaldi etc) unlike the rounded Chrome design; this will allow a uniform design to be carried throughout the OS
(2) sidebar transparency has not worked for me when activating the tab settings - this may be a mistake of my own doing and, if so, please advise me - otherwise the request is just refining the transparency to be more consistent with the Finder.app

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As of #2, I disabled it in TotalFinder, because I was unable to make it work with TotalFinder’s way how it composes two windows on top of each other (TotalFinder provides a “frame” window with tabs row, and Finder’s window is “glued” on top of that background frame - in dual mode two Finder window instances one for each side).

Maybe I could revisit it and try to make it work under High Sierra. Not sure how hard it could be.

I believe I understand what you are saying, and that would explain why the transparency has been lost. Not to say the finder is no longer transparent, but the transparency and blur is of the ‘frame’ the finder.app is mounted on. And yes, that is another reason why I disabled tabs, though I use TotalFinder for many other things (labels, context menu, keyboard shortcuts, etc).

As for # 1 I get your point but I actually prefer the Chrome like tabs.

As of #2 yes transparency would be nice if it did not affect stability.

Love TF !!

The applications you mention; Opera, Vivaldi doesn’t have native tabs like the other two applications you mention; Safari and Finder. Unless I am mistaken. I recently downloaded Vivaldi and I don’t see the ability to use macOS native tabs with the look and feel of those in Finder and Safari (the colored tabs can be turned off but they do not revert to being a pimped-up Safari browser because of that. Opera; the same - except for the colored tabs.

I would suggest sticking to the native tab suggestion and not leaning up against any other application for the Mac that doesn’t per default use the macOS native tab look, feel and function.

I personally turn off the Tab-part of TotalFinder whenever I use said app. I dislike the lag that is on creating and closing out of tabs which I previously asked to be sped up(via a different older username on these boards). I think it has to do with the nature of adding a non-native Tab system to the Finder in Real Time adds to some lag because of the patching involved. That’s as far as I got in my reasoning. My Mac is no slouch and performs well.

I wanted to give my opinion on the matter and I hope I’m not considered a troll because of my <2 post count and wording in this reply.

No; thank you for your opinion - I’ve never noticed the lag because I always disable the TotalFinder tabs system and use the native finder app function instead. After your remark, I tested it myself and there is a minimally noticeable lag; but it’s not enough to dissuade someone from using TotalFinder’s system in order to have the added support of dual-pane display.
As for the apps I mentioned (ie Vivaldi, etc), they use tab structures that appear like native Mac apps. The tabs are, however, augmented as you mentioned with the coloring and the like.
Anyways, thank you Allan.

Why would anyone want the sidebar to be transparent? That would make the text really hard to read on top of any desktop picture or application window. I have had problems with Mozilla applications sometimes having transparent menus, and had to find ways to tweak the theme I was using to get rid of that.