Up Button

Call me an old Windows guy but I really miss having an UP button in Finder. I know I can do the same with CMD+Up or turn on the path and click on that but it’s just not the same as having a quick button next to forward and back in the Finder.

Would love to have this!

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Me too!


I’d also like to see that feature in TotalFinder.

I too would like this.

I wonder what’s wrong that you are not adding the “Up Button” to TotalFinder. This is a very ESSENTIAL feature. I think we deserve to get a short answer from you.

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I don’t have an easy system for adding custom toolbar buttons. And I’m not convinced.

Why don’t you use CMD+UP_ARROW for going up to enclosing folder? If it is so essential it is worth remembering this keyboard shortcut.

I remember during the development of Windows 7, Microsoft said the same thing about the removal of the up button from Explorer. “Just use Alt+Up”. But the reality is, having to go from the mouse to the keyboard is annoying. There was enough outcry that this returned in Windows 8.

So I feel the same way here. Could I just use the CMD+Up? Sure, but the button is way easier, faster, etc.

Darwin, you may not be personally convinced of the worth of the up button but it seems enough of us are and would really like to see this addressed. Please see what’s possible on your end…