Update created issue with something called Visor

I have been using TotalFinder for a number of months now and have been very happy with it, until tonight when I downloaded an update. Now a black folder appears at the top of the screen and has something about Visor on it, which I have never seen before. Also, my Finder icon no longer has the tabs on it. When I click the Finder icon, instead of getting a Finder window like I used to, this VERY ANNOYING pop-up comes from the bottom of the screen with the Finder on it, taking up the whole bottom of the screen on my 27" monitor. I looked in Total Finder preferences to see if I could turn this annoying thing off. The Visor Feature button was unchecked. I checked it; same behavior. I unchecked it again; same behavior. How can I get rid of this wretched thing, and get my old Total Finder window back? Also, how can I get rid of that black folder icon at the top of the screen? And one more thing – there are now multiple pop-up Finder windows at the bottom, and I can’t figure out how to get them to close. Clicking the blue button in the corner does nothing. Clicking “Hide Visor” in the black folder icon just makes yet another one pop up.