Update Tab Design

Hello there,

Google Chrome has updated their tab design. I would love to have Google Chrome’s latest tab design implemented to TotalFinder. It’s just very small change the top border left and right radius are little bit reduced and the edge parts are flat not curved.

Looking forward on your response.

In contrast, I would like to see tab design like in Safari. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously.
… and CMD+Z (Undo) for close tab operations.


Wait for Mavericks for Safari-style tabs :+1:

I will update tab design to match Google Chrome. Actually I tried in January this year, but their new implementation introduced some problems, so I had to revert it and wait. Maybe it is time to revisit their code again. Thanks for pointing it out.

Cool. I am curious. .

You will get tabs from Apple:

Ah, yeah, now I remember. I have seen this already at the maverics-keynote.

But this will also able to work for Lion or only Mavericks?

Mavericks only. Apple is not going to back-port it to Lions.

I see. Please update the chrome-design tab for Lion and Mountain Lion! I love the latest tab design on Chrome it looks much sharper layout.

Hi @darwin, have you had the chance to revisit implementing the new Chrome tab style? I use Mavericks but prefer to use TofalFinder’s tabs. I’d definitely enjoy the sharp look of the updated tabs. Thanks!

@darwin Hi, I know it’s been a while and normally is not so fun to look at posts this old, but I would really appreciate some information on this topic. The Chrome tabs really look different (and better, to my taste) from the TotalFinder tabs, so now that some time has passed, do you think it is possible? does it complicate things too much? Please let us know. We want this ‘aesthetic’ change but maybe is more complicated than that?

Well, I think it is close enough. My code was extracted from Chromium sources at the end of 2009, they evolved their codebase significantly. I tried to keep up with visual changes, but it is not 100% accurate.

To have it 100% accurate I would have to take their sources again and merge it with TotalFinder, which is quite laborious undertaking. I don’t think it is worth it right now.

I would can point out exact differences which bother you, maybe I could try to fix them one by one. On my retina display I don’t see any major differences (but I don’t have a designer’s eye)

Hi @darwin, thanks for replying! Here is a little GIF I created to show the difference between the Chrome and TotalFinder tabs. Notice the curvature. The Chrome’s are more straight, while TotalFinder uses the old bezier-curves-look.

I understand it could be labourious, but it would be really nice and good-looking, so please consider it even if it take some time. It makes a lot of difference for the ones who actually notice –and can’t unsee– these things and work with both apps normally.

I appreciate your time and consideration on this matter despite the “unimportance” it seems to have with the mayority of the users and the age of the original request.

I’m a pretty big stickler for aesthetics at the pixel scale, but in defence of usability, I prefer the difference between the curvaceous TotalFinder tabs and Chrome’s new tighter radius corner tabs.

Of the applications I have open on a regular basis, no two are more often displayed than Chrome and Finder.
Having the slight difference in tab styles helps me discern a little quicker which set of tabs I’m looking at at any time.

-1 for changing the TotalFinder tabs to the newer Chrome style.

@mkormendy This is a strange argument. If I extend your argument then the TotalFinder tabs should look not like Google tabs at all. So, nevermind, I didn’t get it.

BTW: I don’t like Chrome style tabs at all. For me it break the OS aesthetics. Imho all tabs on all applications should look same --> which leads to: should look like Safari tabs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater here…

TotalFinder tabs can look quite similar to Chrome’s tabs, but be different enough to discern between the two apps. They don’t have to be completely different – otherwise THAT would break ALL aesthetics.

I can discern between which is which based on the slight difference of the tabs, amongst other things…

Maybe a better option would be to clone the native finder tab square-style (a la Safari-style), but flip the orientation so that they are on top (where the curvey/angled tabs are currently in TotalFinder). That way, it’s not so much a matter of subjectively different aesthetics, but a principle of function.

+1 :slight_smile:

@mkormendy The Chrome tabs used to look the way they are now in TotalFinder. Back at that time, no one seemed to care about how they should have been different. My guess is that people instead appreciated the similarity. I think it’s also hard to confuse Chrome and Finder, anyway.

My request is about updating the look from it’s original source. IMO, it looks sharper, cleaner and ‘just right’.

About using the Safari tabs look, they already do if you’re not using TotalFinder, so it’s a good indicator to wheter TotalFinder loaded or not. How would you differentiate if using one or the other?. Also, if you’re in for the Safari-look, it’s still available with no TotalFinder modification needed.

@ronaldpoi – if it’s easy to change the tabs to look EXACTLY like the latest version of chrome, then I think Antonin would have done it already.

Look,… you set the topic, and when we are exclusively looking at the tab aesthetics alone it very easy to confuse Chrome from Finder in this respect.

“Just right” is subjective, and not altogether the best argument for change. Furthermore, cleaner and sharper don’t necessarily mean it’s better either. Making it consistent with the latest version of Chrome is an askable request, I just don’t think that it’s top priority.