Updated files from Dropbox do not appear in Totalfinder

When some files are updated from my Dropbox account, i can see these files on the filesystem, for instance, through the terminal, but they don’t appear in the folder on Totalfinder. I need to restart Totalfinder in order to see these new files. It’s like there’s no refresh at all. I work with OS X Yosemite.


I can confirm that I see this myself; once new files are synced down from Dropbox, the Dropbox client shows these files in its recently updated list, they are present on the filesystem according to Terminal, and if I open them directly TotalFinder will adjust to suddenly “realize” the file is there, but the only fix right now seems to be restarting TotalFinder.

Also on Yosemite.

This is a really pernicious bug because it makes me constantly question whether I’m editing the most recent version of a file, which drives you slowly mad over time.