Use four finger to trigger overview grid?

how can i use four finger swipe to trigger overview grid ?

Sorry I don’t have support for that at the moment. Perhaps possible via a third party app such as Better Touch Tool though.

tks for your reply. it saved my life.

I’ve linked TotalSpaces2 (v2.6.24, MacOS 10.12.6) with BetterTouchTool in order to use a finger swipe to display the overview grid. This works like a dream - but only if I use the gesture while on a desktop populated by one or more applications, and only if an application window is active. If I try to use the gesture while on an empty desktop, or on a desktop with open application window(s), but with no window active (i.e. if I click on an empty space on the desktop), the gesture doesn’t do anything. The keyboard shortcut (which I have linked to the gesture in BetterTouchTool) works whether a desktop has application windows on it or not. Any thoughts on how to fix this?