Using TotalFinder with Witch - switcher does not see Finder/TF windows

OSX: 10.10.1
TotalFinder: 1.6.16
Witch: 3.9.4

Witch is a replacement app switching program. Under Yosemite, Witch cannot see TotalFinder windows, so I cannot switch to them; I have to revert to the built-in switcher. It’s driving me crazy as I switch from Option-Tab to Command-Tab just so I can see my Finder windows. Can anything be done to “un-hide” the TotalFinder windows?


I have a similar problem on 10.10.3, but the problem is I do not see Finder windows at all! Completely uninstalling TotalFinder does not help. For a newly created user, where TotalFinder has not been installed Witch works fine, and Finder windows are visible. I guess a stranded preference pane? any ideas?

After uninstalling TotalFinder and a few (!) reboots Witch appears to work