v1.6.13 keeping the sidebar hidden between tab changes

I have the latest version of TotalFinder (v1.6.13) and am using Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10) - and have this issue where I prefer the sidebars (using split screen) that will not stay hidden. For example…

Using split screen, with two tabs per side (4 tabs total), and using Command-Option-S to hide/unhide the sidebars or either left or right halves of the split - if I hide the side bar on either side and then switch to a tab on the opposite side of the split, and then switch back, the sidebar is no longer hidden.

I find this most annoying.

Can you offer a suggestion, or put this on the top of your todo list?
This has been on ongoing issue for a very long time.
I think I might have brought it up to you back in version 1.2.

Thank you.