v2 Arrangement Nitpick

Hi again! And sorry again for the bother. But I’ve been having some trouble getting my head around the new arrangements system, and thought I’d cast a vote for something a little more old-school.  Sort of the core of the problem I’m having is with full-screen apps, which are way tougher to manage now without the fixed setting to add x desktop-desktops and y fullscreen-app-desktops. I mostly try to keep a 3x3 or 4x3 grid with three empty desktops at the top and whatever number of fullscreen apps arranged haphazardly at the bottom; but since the new gridding preference insists on always adding empty desktops, it’s becoming a strange dance to maintain that as I close and reopen and shrink and grow apps. Especially since I can only adjust by rows or columns. After a couple of days, it’s feeling like less than a dealbreaker change, as far as my usage goes, but more than an adaptable change. So I’m caught, and wondering if there isn’t some way to give those of us (or those of me) who are obsessive arrangers a little more fixity without sacrificing the simplicity and elegance of the new interface. Wish I had an idea w/r/t that, but so far nothing.

Do you mean you frequently change the layout? And would want to keep some space in your grid for fullscreens without having them added in a new row at the bottom of your grid?

If I added some way of reserving some space for fullscreens?

Or perhaps a way to change the status of a potential desktop (which would be a dashed box) to a greyed out dashed box - meaning no desktop would be added by the Add desktops button?

I think my layout is pretty static, but it’d be great if some space could be reserved for fullscreens. Like, I’d like to be able to incorporate eightish fullscreen apps into the layout without wrangling with the empty desktops that the row/column buttons seem to create—I almost never want more than three desktops, and any modifications I make to the arrangement are to fit or move fullscreen guys. But, all that said, not, any of these wishes, at the expense of the really keen new layout manager’s elegance. I’d rather get used to using that green bubble on desktop-desktops than mess with that.

Hello, does this build help you?


You can click on the potential desktops to grey them out, so they wont be created. Here I am adding just one more desktop to my grid, leaving room for 2 fullscreens in that row.

Stephen, that’s utterly brilliant and excellent. Thank you so much for attending so thoughtfully to this one silly edge case! Can’t wait to buy version 2 when it’s ready.

How di you move the Dashboard to slot 9? I prefer to have my numbered desktops be 1, 2, 3, etc. I tried drag/drop but that did not work.

You can drag it there in the overview grid. Or at least you should be able to.

But there is one thing about that - I’ve noticed that Dock really likes to have it in position 1, and will move it back if you are not using “Displays have separate spaces” mode. I need to test more to find a solution for that.

ps @phyllisstein… version 2 is ready, hopefully you have it already.

@stephen How right you are! I thought it was still in beta and unpurchasable, but I just snagged myself an official copy. Thanks again for all your hard work!