Very slow switching on TotalSpaces - Big Sur 11.5.1

I just updated and replace my computer. I am running Big Sur 11.5.1 and installed TotalSpaces 2. Like most people here, the computer isn’t really useable without it, as I have window switching wired into my DNA after using it for 25+ years.

TotalSpaces works, but switching is odd. I have a 9x9 grid of desktops, and sometimes it will take 3-5 seconds to switch, and when it does the grid indicator animation doesn’t update but shows I am still in the prior window. The weird thing is that either vertical switching is very slow or horizontal switching is very slow; it seems to change between them, but the other works normally. This is annoying. Any suggestions for a fix?

If window switching is “wired into your DNA” as you say, as it is mine, BTW, you’re going to hate any Mac with an M1 chip. I bought MacBook Pro with the M1 chip, and nearly a year later, I still haven’t gotten used to not having TotalSpaces.

Luckily we have an alternative solution for M1, read my topic right here The suffering is continues people need a cure - #6 by Mitch_Neverhood it requires a lot of effort especially if you are not a software developer, but it is possible to have an instant transition between spaces on M1 macs too