Visor Activation does not work

After Upgrading to Yosemite 10.10 when I press the Hotkey Option + ` to activate the visor it will not activate, unless I go into Total Finder 1.6.12 preferences and uncheck and then recheck the Visor box and then it will work until Total Finder Quits or the computer is restarted. Anyone else having this problem? Would love a resolution to this issue.

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I posted on this subject a week or so back, so you aren’t alone. My symptoms and the fix are the same, and have been going back several versions of TotalFinder.

Pleased to announce that upon updating to TotalFinder 1.6.15 the Visor feature now works for me again without having to toggle the visor checkbox every time I log in.

Sorry I’m posting this elsewhere to my earlier comments but I guess this thread is relevant.

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I’m running Yosemite and TotalFinder 1.6.17 and the hotkey combo (option + ` ) no longer works. I’ve tried using different key-combinations, but it does the same thing: toggle between the current, active window and finder in the menu bar.

I’ve been using TotalFinder for a while and am a huge fan…I hope I can find a solution soon.