Visor activation key - just tilde like with iTerm2?


There is one annoying thing with TotalTerminal as compared to iTerm2 … With iTerm a lot users use tilde key to bring up the terminal. That would be the best for me as it so quickly accessible, no need to make a combo with ALT + tilde for example.

With TotalTerminal why it’s not possible to setup just tilde key for that? The second best option for me would be ALT + tilde, but even with that I would need to move and tilt my hand around for quite a bit… That is not ideally ergonomic. However there is another problem with ALT + tilde, at least with my scandic keyboard – now when I’m in the terminal, the combo for writing the tilde mark (which all know, is the path shorthand for your home folder) is made with ALT + tilde!

Could you please update your settings options so that we could setup just tilde as the activation key?