Visor auto-pop-up on focus a little annoying

Some users last year reported that it’s a bit annoying for the Visor to appear when you switch into the Finder from command-tab or by clicking its icon in the dock.

Visor will not appear when there’s a separate Finder window already open, however, so hopefully this is not really an issue for most of our users.

Still, speak up here if you have some ideas as to how to improve Visor’s behavior. Thanks!

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Is there any way to reenable Visor appearance on command+tab?

I use Visor so I don’t have to keep a Finder window open all of the time. I realize it was annoying for some, but for me, when I tab to the Finder, I want to see a Finder window. Tabbing to the finder and then having to manually open the Finder because it didn’t open automatically is a pretty serious bummer.

I would love for TF to pop up on focus, I often find my self tabbing in via cmd+tab to get frustrated by it not auto activating. I’ve gone through the settings and can find nothing related to this behavior.

I would love for Visor to work again on command tab. I use a Better Touch Tool gesture to make the visor popup and have a really esoteric shortcut set to show the visor that I never can remember.

So when I need to drag something into the finder, I have to bring up the Visor, pin it, then go back to the app to drag it in.

It worked much better when the Visor would pop open when I switched to Finder.