Visor & Spring-loaded Windows

Hi all!

What a fine day when the latest TF update lists this item:

“Fixed problems with stuck keyboard focus” - that problem has been plaguing me for a while now…

I’m also happy to have figured out that I can use the below key in Terminal to disable the “automatic” Visor:

‘defaults write TotalFinderDontAutoSlideVisor -bool YES’ (or NO).

Now on to my question / suggestion:

When I drag an item out of the Visor, Visor doesn’t seem to follow the spring loaded window behavior. I use my middle mouse button as a drag-lock button using “Steer Mouse” - another wonderful utility for the Mac. So I use the spring loaded windows function a lot. Let’s say I want to drag a file out of Visor into my current e-mail compose window attachment area. No can do with the way things are currently set up. I have to make both the Visor and the relevant compose window drop area simultaneously visible, and only then can I perform this drag’n drop. If Visor were spring-loaded windows friendly, I would not need to resize or reposition any windows; I would just drag-lock, hover for a second above the desired window, see it get activated, and perform my drop action.

If this is not a bug on my own system, is it possible to build this feature into the Visor easily? Or is this a complication that is difficult to address since the Visor is sort of a special window?


This is an important issue for my usage habits and I think it would serve the community as well if this was fixed.

I use Visor as a Desktop replacement. That is to say; I have a completely empty Desktop to avoid clutter. Formerly I used to have a lot of things on the Desktop and I would use the “Show Desktop” gesture to interact with the Desktop folder. Now I carried the contents of my Desktop folder elsewhere and I use Visor to access currently relevant files and folders when I’m in the middle of something.

But as things stand, I can’t properly drag and drop from within Visor into the obstructed areas of another window. This is not expected spring-loaded behavior. Normally, everywhere else in the OS, when I drag item A out of window A and pause over window B, Mac OS will activate (bring to front) window B so that window B is fully visible.

Further investigation: This behavior is so consistent and OS-wide that I can drag an item over a Dock icon to activate the target app’s window (which will even generate a new window if there is none), or I can even activate Mission Control while dragging and pick the target window through hovering over it while in Mission Control. Apparently, these methods DO WORK with the Visor. The only spring-loaded behavior that is not working is from Visor to currently visible (but partially obstructed) windows. Now I at least have a better workaround - I can use the Dock icon or the Mission Control methods…

Is it not possible to implement the window to window spring-loaded behavior with the Visor because it’s an overlay?

A related thing that I’m experiencing is: sometimes my drag-lock will remain stuck if I drag an item out of the Visor; however, this is secondary at the moment…